Riverview Gateway

Riverview Gateway 2019-02-27T17:38:30-04:00

Project Description

Matt Davis

Parcel Address:
4900 SE 192nd Avenue, Vancouver, WA

Size (Acres):

Office / Industrial / Retail / Urban Residential

Overview of features and benefits:

  • DEVELOPMENT-READY – With the Riverview Gateway Subarea Plan in place, a developer could quickly hit the market after receiving master plan approval for the project.
  • SIZE – The expansive 103.25 acre site presents the opportunity to create a substantial community with a mix of residential and commercial uses.
  • VIEWS – Varying topography throughout the site can provide much of the development with unobstructed views of the Columbia River and Mt Hood.
  • AMENITIES – The local area boasts an attractive place to live and work, with many public parks and trails that will be further enhanced with completion of this project.
  • CONVENIENT LOCATION – The site is located at the SE 192nd Avenue exit on State Route 14 and 3.0 miles east of Interstate 205 with the following driving distances:
  • GROWING MARKET – With positive immigration flows influenced by the lack of a State Income Tax, Vancouver benefits from a robust housing market. The region’s employment base is strong and continues to expand at a healthy rate. This project is well positioned to benefit from these trends and create an urban neighborhood and employment center.

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