Project Blue Wave

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Project Description

Marshall Durrett | Mike Tipps


Parcel Address:
South FM 973, Austin TX


Challenges Encountered:
The client was looking for 25+ acres relatively close to Austin to build a light manufacturing facility for their cosmetics business. Access to groundwater was a critical component to their site requirements, so a hydrogeology consultant was engaged to identify target areas. The groundwater had to be at the right depth, pressure and salinity to meet the client’s unique specifications, which ultimately pointed to a very limited geographic area in southeast Austin near the Colorado River.

Results Achieved:
C&W presented multiple options for the client’s consideration and they ultimately selected a 50 acre site just east of Austin Bergstrom International Airport. The client engaged a consultant to drill a test well during the feasibility period to confirm the groundwater met their specifications. Fortunately, the groundwater passed the testing and the client moved forward with closing on the property.

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