Hess Ranch

Hess Ranch 2019-07-23T10:17:22-04:00

Project Description

Stew Mosko

Stroh Ranch Development, LLC

Parcel Address:
SWC Stroh Road & N. Crowfoot Valley Road, Parker, CO 80134

Suburban Residential

Challenges Encountered:
In order to obtain the listing we won a competition between all of the national large commercial real estate firms. Our marketing campaign was not met with any challenges but once prospective buyers were identified the vetting process was a challenge. We had to choose the best buyer. That included of course price but also capability and desire. When we signed the purchase agreement an elaborate due diligence process ensued. The local government had to be brought in. Our scheduled closing preceded the ability to effect any new or changing entitlements, so the buyer had to become comfortable with not only the property but also the local municipality, the water provider, the energy component (mineral interests are a major factor in Colorado) as well as demand characteristics for homebuilders, drainage, traffic, topography, soils and the like. Ultimately we overcame all obstacles and closed.

Results Achieved:
$42,000,000 all cash closing.

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