Burns Tract

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Project Description

Matt Davis | Terry Jackson | Curtis Buono

Union Properties, Inc.

Parcel Address:
9009 Howard Road, Stockton, CA 95206


Challenges Encountered:
The Land Advisory Group was engaged by the Burns Tract’s long-time owner to provide a disposition solution for the 4,239± acre farm in the fertile Sacramento – San Joaquin River Delta. The significant challenge presented by the assignment was selling an extremely large farm in a market that was essentially untested, as no comparably sized tracts had been sold or listed in several years.

Results Achieved:
After advising ownership on the Burns Tract’s value and the optimum sales strategy, the Land Advisory Group began an aggressive marketing program that identified and targeted top buying prospects and exposed the opportunity to principals and brokers in over 40 countries across the world. The Land Advisory Group began marketing the property in June 2012 and generated a significant volume of inquiries and multiple offers from qualified buyers. The Land Advisory Group managed negotiations with potential buyers, allowing the seller to select the buyer that would best satisfy his goals. As a result of the Land Advisory Group’s efforts, the Burns Tract sold in December 2012 at a substantial price.

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