Brentwood Creek Farm

Brentwood Creek Farm 2019-06-28T16:57:43-04:00

Project Description

Curtis Buono | Terry Jackson | Matt Davis

Vital Farmland Holdings LLC

Parcel Address:
South of Orwood Road, Knightsen, Contra Costa County, CA


Challenges Encountered:
This sale actually began as a leasing assignment as the owner, who was farming the property, wanted to generate cashflow to support another large project; however, rental rates for top organic land had fallen significantly and no acceptable tenants emerged. The assignment then morphed into the disposition of one 452-acre tract.

Results Achieved:
The original 452-acre tract was marketed for sale and was widely exposed. We received interest from a buyer who wanted this 452-acre tract plus all of the surrounding land for a total of 1,566 acres. Because larger transactions tend to generate the most interest from institutional buyers, we expanded the listing to include all 1,566 acres, which we re-exposed to the market and were able to achieve a full-priced sale.

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